Designer Trends from the 21st century

Nothing is more variable than the fashion. What is today, yesterday’s news may not be tomorrow. So far, almost every era has set their own trends. But what about in the 21st Century? Is there still something new to discover? Rear view of white and black clad model on the catwalk.

Leggings and long shirt

Unfortunately, you have to admit that the designer trends of the 21st Century are not really new. No matter where you look, almost everything has been here ever since. A particularly striking trend of the present example, the wearing of leggings. A few years ago you probably would have been mocked on the street today are the leggings rigueur. In conjunction with a long shirt, they clearly belong in the category of fashion trend.

On closer inspection, a highly coveted leggings come, however, before all strangely familiar. In fact, it was in fact already in the 80s of last century, very modern to wear leggings with as wide and baggy sweaters.

Interpreted old trends are new

And exactly as the designers of the 21st come Century into play. Although they engage long forgotten trends anew on, but adapt them to the current zeitgeist. Today it puts a lot of emphasis on style and harmonic colors, why the pink glitter leggings and neon yellow upper part from the 80s would hardly appeal to consumers of modernity.